vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Le Trop Grand Vide d'Alphonse Tabouret

It is my pleasure this evening to present you a surprising and fascinating book ! Le Trop Grand Vide d'Alphonse Tabouret by Sibylline, Capucine and Jérôme d’Aviau is a breathtaking poetic -and not conceited- graphic novel ! I'd like to thank those who seems to form a great team for that delightful meeting !

Indeed, it is about a meeting. Just like before embracing Life, you run into it As you take a step in that special book, you encounter Alphonse Tabouret. Who's nothing less than... A little...thing ? Which happens to... Not remember much ! And as he discovers what's around him in his own naive&curious way, we surprise ourselves being happy, anxious, startled as we get more and more intrigued by that unusual character ! Everything feels new and... Amazing how we end up addict. Following him around, just to be able -one more minute- to see through those eyes, since it feels so intensely different.

To conlude : I really don't agree with those who say that this magic book should have been shorter ! Magic needs time to delight souls ! How refreshing, nowadays, a book that actually stops time to tell its story ! I wouldn't change it no matter what. You might say "yeeah, but a book takes time to read anyway !" I would agree for sure. However there is different ways of telling a story. And I believe this team honestly mastered theirs. As we blindly follow Mr.Tabouret tracks... On Life.

- Enjoy !-

mercredi 1 septembre 2010

Lover, you should've come over...

Too young to hold on. And too old to just break free and run. Too deaf, dumb, and blind to see the damage I've done...

Been a while. But here goes again. Life. And music is part of mine. An endless root of inspiration ! Jeff Buckley is one of those artists I recently re-discovered. From prejudice and what everyone likes about him, to...What he & his music, really means to me. Not like a plaster for the soul but not far away from it... Do people listen to lyrics more than melodies ? If so, why is there so much music with lyrics but without any meaning ? But it would be too restricted to consider music separated from melody. -But- if there's one thing that I have to say about Jeff Buckley, to explain why I'm that fascinated, it is about how much he was talented for lyrics AND for melodies. And his lyrics, actually mean something ! Worth it ! Not really like nowadays'trend. So yeah if you ever happen to hear his music, please do take the time to listen to his words.